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Days in the Junior School will be exciting, full and varied. Your son or daughter will have great fun and grow into a confident, articulate and accomplished young person with emotional intelligence and high personal standards. Our highly qualified teachers will create an inspiring and nurturing environment in which they will be challenged and supported, enabling them to reach their full potential in all areas of school life. Exceptional specialist teaching, first class facilities and high quality pastoral care will combine to ensure that your son or daughter is exceptionally well prepared for the challenges and opportunities of Senior School.


With the National Curriculum of England and Wales (NC) at its core, the Junior School curriculum continues to be very broad, designed to promote excellence and to give your child as many opportunities as possible to identify their strengths and expand their horizons; Sports, Music and The Arts will continue to flourish alongside other academic disciplines. As the engines of the curriculum, our teaching in English, Mathematics and Science will go well beyond the expectations of the National Curriculum, enabling your son or daughter to achieve very high standards in these essential subjects. We understand, however, that a rich and rewarding education goes well beyond a narrow academic focus and the physical, spiritual, moral and social development of our pupils will be carefully nurtured in the Junior School. Our extensive co-curricular and enrichment programme will ensure that every pupil has ample opportunity and encouragement to find and explore their individual interests and develop their confidence and creativity. Years 1 to 4 From Year 1 to Year 4, your son or daughter will be expertly taught, cared for and carefully supported by their fully qualified and experienced Form Teacher for most of the day. They will continue to be engaged and inspired by specialist teaching in PE, Arabic, French, Swimming, Religion, Music, Art and Drama. In Year 3 specialist teaching is also introduced in Computing. Years 5 and 6 In Year 5 and Year 6 your child will take their learning to the next level, as they prepare for the academic rigour of Senior School. They will be taught entirely by specialists, enabling them to learn and be inspired by experienced and exceptionally well qualified teachers who are passionate experts in their subject and who will continue to teach them in Senior School. Personal Tutors will carefully support the wellbeing and academic progress of small groups of children in the final two years of Junior School, ensuring your child receives lots of personalised care and support as they grow in independence and confidence.

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