Pastoral Care


We know that children who feel healthy, happy and safe perform at their best. As a school that prides itself on providing a fully rounded education, our pastoral care systems are at the heart of the way we nurture the individual qualities, aptitudes and personalities of every pupil. We build close and warm relationships with parents to support the education and wellbeing of every pupil and every member of staff at Uppingham Cairo has a pastoral role - from teachers to nurses, to cooks and counsellors. With the support of doctors, nutritionists, educational psychologists and other specialists, we create a web of care that carefully and kindly supports pupils throughout their time at school. Our disciplinary systems are integral to our pastoral support structures, providing pupils with clear and consistent expectations. We strive to address problems before they arise - and to provide compassionate care when it is needed most. In our family-orientated environment, there is constant formal and informal interaction between pupils, parents and staff members, creating a sense of mutual care, respect and trust.

House System


The 'Houses' at Uppingham Cairo are closely related to, and an important part of, the school’s pastoral care provision. On joining the School each child will be allocated to a virtual House, which will become their team, whether sporting, academic, musical or social for their time at UC. Houses provide opportunities for pupils to make friends with children from other classes and year groups, enjoy team building exercises and develop a healthy competitive spirit through a range of academic, sporting and artistic events held throughout the school year.

A Sense Of Belonging

The concept of the school House system has become more familiar the world over since the Harry Potter books and the attachments and loyalties described by J.K. Rowling are equally strong in our Uppingham Cairo Houses. Indeed, so significant is an Uppingham pupil’s House that when alumni meet one another, the first question asked is, “What House were you?” That sense of camaraderie and identity is part of what Uppingham is developing in all of its schools. Therefore, the House is in a sense, every Uppingham pupil’s family in the School – the place where enduring relationships with peers and members of staff are born.

Leadership and Responsibility

Within the House there are important roles to be played by the pupils elected as House Captains and Vice-Captains and Sports Captains. These positions carry a good deal of responsibility and are highly respected and sought after. House Captains are supported by House prefects who are selected for leadership duties around the school. The role of prefect is awarded to pupils who set good examples to others and who can be relied upon to act responsibly.

House Events

Often the co-curricular elements of the curriculum are driven through the House system, which can lead to raised confidence and aspirations. Throughout the course of the year co-curricular activities provide the basis for a number of House events. These include Inter-House Sports competitions such as basketball, badminton and football as well as singing competitions.