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The Senior School curriculum at Uppingham Cairo continues to be broad, comprehensive and stimulating. Pupils will have rich and rewarding school lives, and will be encouraged to immerse themselves in the wide variety of opportunities and experiences available to them as valued members of a community of ambitious young people. Pupils will receive warm and deeply personalised support from their Personal Tutor who will remain with them throughout their Senior School years, with their wellbeing and academic progress carefully monitored and overseen by senior members of staff. We understand that the education of the whole person requires more than a narrow academic focus, and physical, spiritual, moral and social development will continue to be carefully nurtured in the Senior School. Sports, Music and the Arts will continue to be highly valued alongside other academic disciplines. Our extensive co-curricular and enrichment programme will ensure that every pupil has ample opportunity and encouragement to continue to explore their individual interests and further develop their creativity and confidence.


Years 7, 8 and 9 In Years 7, 8 and 9 Uppingham Cairo pupils will follow a stimulating and extensive programme of study, developing confidence and laying valuable foundations for the IGCSE years and beyond. Our pupils will study Maths, English, individual Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Computing, History, Geography, Religion and at least two Modern Foreign Languages as well as Music, Drama, Art and Design and Sport. Years 10 and 11 (IGCSE) Our pupils in Years 10 and 11 will continue their journey of learning, exploration and discovery as they prepare for their IGCSE examinations at the end of Year 11. All pupils will take the essential core subjects of English, Mathematics, Sciences and a modern foreign language to expand their capabilities, develop their skills and advance their knowledge. In addition to the core subjects, Uppingham Cairo will offer a very broad range of IGCSE options, enabling our pupils to choose courses that suit their interests, aptitudes and aspirations, alongside the essential core subjects.

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