UC Campus

In the dynamic landscape of Cairo, Uppingham Cairo School, located in the prestigious New Giza area, boasts a campus that seamlessly blends rich history with contemporary amenities. This unique setting offers students a distinctive and enriching environment to thrive. Our school spans across picturesque settings within Cairo and New Giza, ensuring that students experience a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity. These distinctive locations not only provide a serene haven but also house outstanding facilities that support and enhance the learning journey, encouraging curiosity, discovery, and self-expression.

Campus Facilities

Discover our world-class facilities designed to inspire excellence in every pursuit

Football Pitch

Unleash your sporting spirit on our expansive football pitch and track, the perfect arena to hone skills, build camaraderie, and ignite passion for the game.

Sensory Room

Step into a world of immersive learning with our Sensory Room, designed to engage the senses and inspire curiosity, soon to be transformed into an interactive educational haven.

Junior Swimming Pool

Immerse yourself in the joy of swimming in our dedicated junior pool, where safety, skill-building, and water exploration create a perfect aquatic experience.

Black Box

Engage yourself in the artistic world of our Black Box, a dynamic space where imagination takes center stage, inviting experimentation and expression.


Squash in our professional courts, where pupils can refine their agility, strategy, and skills, honing their abilities in this dynamic game.

Indoor Track

Our indoor track is the perfect place to hone your athletic skills and fuel your passion for sport.

Tennis Courts

Serve, rally, and ace the game on our top-tier tennis courts, where students master finesse, coordination, and sportsmanship.

Indoor Pool

Dive into excellence in our 25-meter indoor pool, where swimming is more than a skill – it’s a journey of health and self-mastery.

Multi-Purpose Court

Our adaptable indoor court serves as a canvas for various sports and activities, catering to a spectrum of interests and igniting the spirit of competition and collaboration.

Theatre & Drama Studio

Unleash your creativity on our captivating stage, where talents shine and stories come to life through theatre and drama. And for those seeking a cinematic experience, our state-of-the-art cinema boasts the latest in sound technology, ensuring that every movie moment is a sensory delight.


Our fully-equipped gym is a realm of strength and wellness, empowering pupils to embrace an active lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals.

Dance Studio

Set the stage for rhythm and expression in our dance studio, where pupils find their groove, learn various dance forms, and move to the beat of their dreams.

Golf Simulator

Tee off with our cutting-edge Golf Simulator, an immersive experience that brings the courses of the world to you, cultivating precision and strategy.


Discover the excitement of padbol, a unique blend of agility and coordination, as you compete and connect with fellow pupils.

Design, Technology workshop & Fashion Zone

Experience innovation firsthand in our cutting-edge Design and Technology Workshop, where creativity takes shape and pupils embark on a journey of design, engineering, and fashion.

Co-Curricular Activities

For personal inspiration, advancement and sheer joy, there’s nothing to rival the enrichment opportunities offered by the co-curriculum at Uppingham Cairo. Our extended programme provides balance and fulfilment across the week, and reflects the importance we place on ensuring pupils enjoy stimulating and life-enhancing experiences throughout their time at school; it is a defining feature of the exceptionally well-rounded and rich education that is on offer at Uppingham Cairo.

Pastoral Care

We know that children who feel healthy, happy and safe perform at their best. As a school that prides itself on providing a fully rounded education, our pastoral care systems are at the heart of the way we nurture the individual qualities, aptitudes and personalities of every pupil. We build close and warm relationships with parents to support the education and wellbeing of every pupil and every member of staff at Uppingham Cairo has a pastoral role – from teachers to nurses, to cooks and counsellors. With the support of doctors, nutritionists, educational psychologists and other specialists, we create a web of care that carefully and kindly supports pupils throughout their time at school. Our disciplinary systems are integral to our pastoral support structures, providing pupils with clear and consistent expectations. We strive to address problems before they arise – and to provide compassionate care when it is needed most. In our family-orientated environment, there is constant formal and informal interaction between pupils, parents and staff members, creating a sense of mutual care, respect and trust.

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Life Enhancing Opportunities

Junior and Senior School pupils choose enrichment activities from an enticing menu of varied, challenging and sometimes unusual clubs, pursuits and experiences. From creative arts to academic clubs, from volunteering to fundraising, we provide a multitude of experiences to build character and to enrich our pupil’s lives. With an abundance of opportunity to find and cultivate new talents and passions, our pupils build confidence, competence and a sense of well-being as they pursue their personal interests from a young age. Whatever activities they choose, they have the opportunity to develop resilience, perseverance, commitment and focus beyond the school curriculum; the foundations for future success are firmly laid through their healthy, busy and active young lives. The options available include a wide choice of sports, from cricket, rugby, football and basketball to swimming, golf and tennis, alongside an eclectic programme of activities that reflect the interests and talents of our pupils and staff. These could include debating, cooking, clay pigeon shooting, ballet, engineering, Latin, gardening, board games, table tennis, croquet, cross-fit, debating, public speaking, chess, play rehearsals, climbing, a whole host of musical clubs and activities and yoga to name a few. Specialist coaching is also provided through exciting collaborations with the world’s finest and most prestigious organisations.

Life-Changing Make a Difference Programme

The widely acclaimed ‘Make A Difference’ (MAD) programme that is offered at Uppingham UK will be replicated at UC, giving all our pupils from Year 9 valuable opportunities to look outwards, to serve others, to lead and to take responsibility. Through the programme, our older pupils volunteer in the community, organise fundraising events for their chosen charities and give up their free time to help causes they care about. They work together to organise and manage community events and activities and create opportunities for local people and so much more – helping to prepare them for life beyond the safety net of school and enabling them not just to get involved, but to lead, to organise and to inspire others. By helping them to experience the joy of exercising selflessness for the greater good, we help our older pupils not only to unlock the potential in themselves, but also to unlock the potential in others.

Experiences That Last A Lifetime

There is so much for our pupils to enjoy and experience through our enrichment programme. In the Junior School, our activities encourage our children to simply be children, and to enjoy themselves in memorable and worthwhile ways. In the Senior School, our unique and extended enrichment and ‘MAD’ programmes provide the memorable experiences our older pupils need to develop into the confident, enthusiastic and compassionate young people we know they all can be. The skills they develop through the unique enrichment programme at Uppingham Cairo – from time management to empathy, from logistical planning to mindfulness – will stay with them for life, enhancing their health, well-being and value to society

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UC Campus

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