Academic Life

Academic life at UC will focus on developing intellectually curious, independent-minded young adults who are well equipped for dynamic and fulfilling lives beyond school. We know that the attitudes, intellectual habits and work ethic you develop at school will stay with you for life. That’s why our pupils are encouraged to question received wisdoms, to think deeply and to interrogate new ideas across a broad range of academic disciplines. The increasing ease of access to information means that educators today have a more important role than ever in teaching the traditional skills of

evaluation, discernment, and analysis. Our classrooms are places where pupils feel confident to speak out, to question, to articulate their own thoughts and discuss ideas. We are dedicated to nurturing inquisitive, critical and enthusiastic learners. 

 We know that if you develop the right attitudes and skills, exam results will come naturally. Excellent exam grades pave the way for successful applications to university, while the understanding, skills, and thirst for knowledge that pupils develop provide the foundations for success in any walk of life.

Challenging & Flexible Curriculum

The UC curriculum is challenging. The breadth and flexibility of the curriculum enables us to personalise learning to suit each pupil's interests, aptitudes and aspirations. We understand that every child navigates through education differently, and pupils thrive when they follow a curriculum that enables them to shine. Our ultimate aim is to help mould the multi-dimensional young people that universities and employers value.

School Stages

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Junior School

Senior School

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Pearson | Edexcel Approved Centre

We are thrilled to announce that Uppingham Cairo is now a Pearson Edexcel Approved Centre! This prestigious designation signifies that our school meets the rigorous standards set by Pearson Edexcel, a world-renowned qualification awarding body. As a Pearson Edexcel Approved Centre, Uppingham Cairo can now offer a wider range of internationally recognized qualifications to our students. These qualifications are highly respected by universities and employers around the world, opening doors to exciting future opportunities.

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